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Parent Square: 3rd Quarter

February 3, 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian,

3rd Quarter

The 3rd quarter started yesterday (2/2/21) and the opportunity to earn 25 credits for every student and an additional 25 credits for 4th quarter.  Your student is enrolled in five classes and should earn 5 credits in every class.   The last day of the 3rd quarter is April 16.  In addition to the five assigned classes, VvHS offers a virtual after school program to earn additional make-up credits in missing credits from classes taken at previous semesters.  Seniors, Class of 2021, who are in danger of not meeting graduation requirements will receive notification after all of the credits and grades are posted to the transcript.   Parents are encouraged to contact our School Counselor, Mrs. Lopez, and current 3rd quarter teachers.   Report cards are scheduled to be mailed/posted next week.  Please review the number of credits earned and credits needed to meet the graduation requirements of 220 credits in specific academic areas.  Please contact our School Counselor, Mrs. Lopez, at or 714-964-7766 x59470.

Schedule/Program Changes

If there are questions or concerns about your class schedule or you would like to have your student switch to on-campus instruction 2 days per week, please contact Mr. Tukia at or 714-964-7766 x59431.

Campus Safety

Please remind your student to wear a face mask, don’t touch their face, wash hands frequently, maintain a 6 foot physical distance from others, and do a COVID self-check for symptoms prior to coming to school.  If your student is experiencing symptoms, call our office to report the reason for the absence at x59426.

End of Year Activities

VvHS is committed to providing all of our students the opportunity to participate in school activities.  Throughout the pandemic, HBUHSD has followed the guidelines provided by the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) and we will continue to follow both local and state guidelines as we plan our Golden Eagle Awards and VvHS graduation.  While our preference is to have our traditional awards and graduation ceremonies, we are prepared to offer alternatives if necessary.  We will notify you as soon as directives are issued. 


Attendance is the key to success.  Students who do not participate in the on-line learning and/or in-person instruction reduce their opportunity to earn credits.  Please check your students attendance and follow-up with your student.  The attendance is represented by the following: 

4 – Non-participant – Not attending class online or in-person

5 – Participant - In class online and/or in-person

6 – Excused Absence

8 – Absent and Online – Student is assigned to in-person instruction but worked online.

Contact Us:

Please check your email and set up your voice mailbox on your phone or clear your messages so we can contact you.  Any general questions, contact our school secretary, Mrs. Schiavone, at or 714-964-7766 x59402, for specific questions about attendance, contact Mr. Kim at or 714-964-7766 x59426, for questions about student schedules, contact Mr. Tukia at or 714-964-7766 x59431, contact our School Counselor Mrs. Lopez at or 714-964-7766 x59470, our School Psychologist Mrs. Maciel at at 714-964-7766 x59480, and you can reach me at 714-964-7766 x59401.

Stay Safe and Take Care,

Mrs. Clitheroe, Principal 

Valley Vista High School