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Principal's Message

Welcome to Valley Vista High School and the 2020-2021 academic year. I am so fortunate to be the Principal and have the opportunity to work with a very caring and dedicated staff who are truly committed to all of our students. VvHS offers a very unique and supportive learning environment that promotes positive relationship building, developing personal responsibility and acquiring 21st century skills. As the credit recovery school for HBUHSD, our emphasis is on helping our students stay in school and graduate. Students enroll in 5 classes per quarter and are expected to earn 5 credits in every class for a total of 25 credits per quarter. 
This year, with the COVID 19 Pandemic, guidelines have been imposed addressing physical distancing, sanitizing spaces, wearing masks and washing hands frequently thus to prepare the campus and wait for restrictions to be adjusted, we began the school year with all of our students in distance learning. As restrictions are lifted, a hybrid learning model will be offered 2 days on campus and 3 days online with distance learning. Some students have selected to remain in 100% online distance learning instruction.
Whether distance learning or hybrid instruction, VvHS remains committed to providing our students with relevant curriculum and engaging instruction. We are all about helping students to graduate and prepare for life after high school.  We encourage our students to "Get Their ACT Together" by practicing the 21st century skills of A=Attendance, Attitude, Accountability and Achievement and C= Collaboration, Creativity, Communication and Contribution and T= Technology, Take Initiative, Thinking Skills and Transition Plan.  Recognizing and practicing these 21st century skills help students and staff to become more effective at school, work, with our families and friends and the community where we live.
At Valley Vista High School "Where a new beginning creates new opportunities", every student  can get back on track academically, improve attendance, realize your talents and prepare for the transitions in your life.I hope VvHS will make a positive difference for each and every student. 
Thank you.
Mrs. Clitheroe, Principal