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Transfer Back to Home School

Return to Comprehensive High School

Students who would like to return to their home school for Spring Semester, please contact school secretary Janeen Schiavone at [email protected] beginning 1/9/23 for an application.  The Principal and Counselor will review your application to determine your eligibility to return.  In order to be considered, you need to meet the following criteria:
  • On track with credits
  • All deficient credits must be made up -  this means all credits from previous years must be completed
If you are eligible to return, your parent will be contacted and you will be given a letter with instructions on how to re-enroll at your home school. If you do not meet the criteria to return to your home school, you will still have the opportunity to graduate with VvHS if you are a Senior, or to apply again in the Spring if you are a Junior.
Applications are due by January 13, 2023