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Policies & Forms » 18-Year Old Student Contract

18-Year Old Student Contract

Valley Vista High School



I am an 18-years of age or older adult who desires to earn a high school diploma from Valley Vista High School. Knowing I am no longer subject to the compulsory school attendance requirement, I am ready to assume all adult responsibilities and commitments in order to maintain this privilege of attending VvHS.


I recognize I will be held accountable for my attendance, academic performance and behavior and the Principal, Counselor and/or Supervision staff will contact my parents regarding lack of academic progress, poor attendance and behavior problems.


I understand that not attending or repeatedly checking out early and any failure on my part to fulfill my academic responsibilities, and any inappropriate, disruptive, or non-compliant behavior will lead to my withdrawal from VvHS.  At that point, I may continue with my education by enrolling in a school for adults. Knowing I am 18 years or older, my parents will be informed unless I deny VvHS to make contact.


I will do the following:

  1. Maintain appropriate attendance
    1. Attend every class period every day/keep all scheduled Independent Study appointments
    2. Arrive on time for school and every class and attend my assigned class
    3. No truancies or excessive trips to the restroom or office
  2. Be productive
    1. Earn credits as assigned in every course
    2. Participate appropriately in all classes
    3. Complete homework for excused absences that meet the established deadlines from teachers
  3. Maintain a positive attitude
    1. Demonstrate respect for all persons (other students and staff)
    2. Demonstrate respect for all school or personal property and return all borrowed equipment/materials
    3. No argumentative (profanity/vulgarity), no unacceptable language or disruptive behavior directed at faculty, staff or students
    4. Follow directions from staff
    5. Seek a solution of any grievance or complaint through proper administrative or counseling channels
  4. Obey all school rules and regulations
    1. Comply with all school rules, dress code and academic honesty found in the Valley Vista High School Student/Parent Handbook
    2. Comply with all teacher and classroom rules
    3. No disciplinary referrals

My parent / guardian may receive academic, attendance and behavior information unless I write a letter to the Principal stating that is NOT an option.  My parent/guardian will be notified of my decision.