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Attendance Procedures

Regular and punctual attendance is essential to academic success.  Parents/Guardians and students are responsible and accountable for daily attendance.  A student should NOT be absent from school without the parent’s/guardian’s knowledge and consent.

 Types of Absences

  • Excused
    • Illness (3+ days requires a doctor’s note)
    • Medical/dental appointment
    • Death in immediate family
    • Religious holiday or ceremony
    • Family emergency
    • Court appearance or in custody (verified with court document)
    • Justifiable personal reasons - approved by Principal - pre approval required
    • Spending time with a member of the pupil's immediate family who is active duty member
    • Attendance at an educational conference
    • Attendance at an employment conference

  • Unexcused
    • Oversleeping
    • Babysitting
    • Vacation
    • Car trouble, missed the bus, couldn’t get a ride
    • Working
  • Truancy
    • Absence from school without a legal excuse
    • Unverified absence (no reason for absence submitted)
    • Student assumed truant without parent’s/guardian’s knowledge or consent
  • Tardies
    • Late to class
  • Out of Class
    • Excessive trips to restroom or office
    • Hanging out on the benches during class time
    • Entering another classroom other than your assigned classroom

What to do when a Student is Absent:

  • Full or partial day absence is cleared within 10 days of the absence by calling the attendance clerk at 714-964-7766 x59426.  If the attendance clerk hasn’t heard from the parent, the parent will be called for the full day absence.
  • If unable to call, student brings note to office upon return.
  • If parent picks up student prior to the end of the school day, parent must sign student out at the office.  Also, those listed on the emergency card are authorized to pick up a student.

Consequences of Excessive Absences

  • Student with excessive absences (excused, unexcused, truant and/or tardies) may be subject to:
    • Parent notification & truancy letters/referral to SARB
    • Referral to the Principal for parent conference
    • Requirement of a doctor’s note
    • Revocation of work permit
    • Loss of opportunity to earn credits due to lack of classroom participation and/or assignments submitted
    • Transfer to another alternative school

Students Enter Campus Upon Arrival

  • Students who leave campus without permission and return the same day are subject to search