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Interested in Attending Valley Vista High School?

Enroll Today:
  • If you are currently enrolled at a school in the Huntington Beach Union High School District and would like to transfer to Valley Vista, please request a transfer from your guidance specialist.  If you have an IEP, please discuss a possible Valley Vista transfer with your Case Carrier or School Psychologist.
    • We are only able to transfer students who are already enrolled in a school in our District.  If you are transferring from outside of the District, you will need to enroll at one of the home schools first and then request a transfer to Valley Vista.  Use the School Locator on the District website to determine your home school: https://www.hbuhsd.edu/apps/pages/school-locator.
  • If you have questions about Valley Vista, would like more information about Valley Vista, or would like a tour or to meet with the Principal prior to making a decision about transferring, please contact Janeen Schiavone at 714-964-7766 x59402 or [email protected].
  • Transfers are done at the beginning of each Quarter.  Students and their parents are required to attend a brief, in-person orientation.  Valley Vista staff will contact you to schedule the orientation approximately 1 week prior to the orientation.  Orientations are held 1-2 weeks before the start of each quarter.