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First Day of the 4th Quarter

First day of 4th quarter
Good Afternoon

Today marks the first day of the 4th quarter.  Our seniors need to continue to work hard, keep in touch with your teachers about assignments and our guidance specialist, Mr. Tukia and school counselor, Mrs. Lopez if you have questions about credits you need to complete to graduate this June.  Our VvHS staff is supportive and all of us are excited about your graduation from high school. Complete your senior portfolio and contact our school secretary, Mrs. Schiavone to schedule an appointment to present your portfolio to me.  So far all of the portfolios have been great!  Also, check out the VvHS website at for cap & gown information.

For our juniors, continue to work hard and take advantage of the opportunity to attend VvHS to make up credits. Again, our staff is here to help you earn make up credits and grade level credits to graduate in June 2022. Also, juniors keep in touch with your teachers so you know the assignments that you need to complete and contact our guidance specialist, Mr. Tukia or our school counselor, Mrs. Lopez if have questions about credits that you should complete this year and if you need to enroll in summer school before starting your senior year. It's all about knowing what you need to do and then getting it done!
Contact me with questions and/or concerns.

Good Luck to all of our students!

Mrs. Clitheroe, Principal
Valley Vista High School