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Transfer Back to Home School- Fall 2021

Hello to our Juniors, their parents/guardians and VvHS staff

A junior who is interested in returning to the home school for Fall 2021 must meet the eligibility requirements and complete an application. In order to be eligible you must have completed 170 credits by the start of the fall semester and that includes credits earned in summer school, all makeup credits are finished AND complete an application. Do not just go to the home school without submitting your application. Please email our School Secretary, Mrs. Schiavone for the application. If you have any questions, please contact Valley Vista High School.
Contacts are 1) email jschiavone@hbuhsd.ed and 2) phone number 714 964 7766 x 59402. The transfers are due no later than Friday, May 21 and if the student needs to complete credits in summer school in order to be eligible, please sign up.
Good Luck!

Mrs. Clitheroe, Principal
Valley Vista High School