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Counseling Corner


Students may seek counseling by requesting to meet with Mrs. Maciel or Mrs. Lopez


School Psychologist, Mrs. Lorena Maciel, ext. 59480


I.E.P. Meetings (Individual Educational Plan)

  • Provide individual educational plan meetings for students and their families receiving special education services. Meetings are for triennial evaluation and/or as needed to review issues pertinent to the student's success.

School – Based Counseling

  • Provide as indicated in the IEP counseling to students receiving special education services. Counseling may be needed to respond to a crisis, designated instructional services, or request from a parent, teacher, or self-referral.


Crisis/Individual/Group Counseling

  • Opportunity for students to participate in individual and/or small group counseling. Sessions are short-term and designed to provide student with skills to be successful at home, school or in the community.



  • Through referrals, conferences, or requests from parents, students who are not responding to interventions may be assessed for special education services.



  • Work with students, their parents, teachers and other staff to establish level of resources/services for the student.
  • Small focus groups on campus address issues related to drug & alcohol use, anger management, stress reduction, and parenting teens.
  • Determine appropriate referrals and review services as necessary.

Counselor, Mrs. Trina Lopez, ext. 4470


  • Provide academic advisement including review of the student academic history including the Credit Status Sheet and academic plan to meet high school graduation requirements.
  • Assist students in developing personal “SMART GOALS” and calendar of due dates for credit acquisition.
  • Review CHSPE (California High School Proficiency Exam) option.



  • Organize annual College/Career Fair in October.
  • Provide information on post-secondary education and training, including college and vocational programs.  
  • Conduct informational seminars and arrange for guest speakers and field trips for college and career exploration.
  • Arrange on site Freshman Priority Test for local community colleges given at VvHS. Provide workshops on community college registration and financial aid.
  • Meet with students for work experience credits.



  • Advise students/parents about scholarship opportunities.


Transfers to an adult school

  • Facilitate transfers to adult school for 18 year old students who are credit deficient and will not earn the VvHS high school diploma.



  • Schedule students for the SBAC.


ROP (Regional Occupational Program)

  • A variety of career/preparation classes are offered at various sites throughout our district and surrounding districts. The ROP representative is on our campus once a week.


Student/Parent Conference

Our Counselor may arrange a collaborative meeting to share information and develop additional interventions to support the student's academic, attendance and behavioral success at school.  The student and their parent/guardian, student support personnel, teachers and Principal meet to review current status and determine a plan for future student success.