Valley Vista High School

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Curriculum and Instruction

VvHS provides a smaller learning environment for our 260-300 students.  Students learn and complete credits in teacher directed and lab style classes.  We are a credit recovery school for students who are at risk of not graduating with their class.  At VvHS we schedule 4 nine week quarters.  Students take (5) five classes per quarter and earn 5 credits per each class.  Students who fail to earn 5 credits are given the opportunity to work in a lab style class to complete the deficient credits.  Students who miss class due to an excused absence are given a reasonable amount of time to complete make up credits.  Each class is worth 5 credits or the equivalent of one semester course at the home high school.  Therefore, 45 days in a class at Valley Vista is valued at the same amount of credits earned at the same rate as a 90 day semester course at the comprehensive high schools.  It is essential that students attend and participate in class.  Homework is at a minimum but at times may be required for make up work due to absence.  No F’s are issued, only No Credit/NC if work is not completed.  Juniors begin the process and seniors complete an e-portfolio and present it to the Principal demonstrating how they “Got Their ACT Together” at VvHS.  Some students remain at VvHS and graduate while others return to their home school no later than spring semester of their senior year and graduate with their class.  Others transfer to adult education at 18 years old and earn a high school diploma or prepare for the GED.  Our Guidance Staff will work closely with students and parents to set academic goals and prepare students  for the transition from high school to college, trade school, military, or work.